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10 Things to Lift You Up on a Rainy Day

It’s rainy season in California and, unless you’re a skier, the weather can really put a damper on our mood and activity level. If you’re feeling the effects of our dreary January, here are ten things you can do to boost your spirits:

Hint- these are also great for those metaphorically rainy days too! 1) Cozy Up: it’s only natural to feel like the weather is inviting us to stay indoors - so grab your favorite blanket, a warm cup of tea and snuggle up on the couch. What better excuse for practicing the art of doing nothing? 2) Complete a Project: growing up in Toronto, I was always taught to take advantage of every nice day by getting outside. The same can be true of the rainy days! A rainy day gives us the time to hunker down with our indoor projects that may have been forgotten in the sunny days of summer. 3) Get Organized: is anyone else loving the new Marie Kondo show on Netflix? If you have to be inside, why not take the opportunity to create a fresh, clean space?! Go through closets, old papers, and even your e-junk and notice how great you feel after purging things you no longer need. Of course, donating items that others can make use of is also a great way to increase those good fuzzy feelings. 4) Catch Up with Loved Ones: most of us are used to the go-go-go lifestyle and often that means making time for meaningful conversations with our friends and family gets put on the back burner. Take this time to catch up and really talk to the people who mean so much to you. 5) Meditate on the Weather: turn off the lights, find a place where you can see or hear the outdoors, and allow yourself to just sit and pay attention to the sights and sounds of nature. Then notice how you feel! 6) Get Creative: as children, we are encouraged to explore our imaginations but as we get older life can ‘get in the way’ of our artistic selves. On this rainy day, dust off your paintbrushes, get out your sketchbook, or grab your knitting needles and delve back in to your right brain. 7) Read, Watch, Do: what are the things you enjoy when you’re on vacation but can’t find time for during ‘normal’ life? A rainy day is a great occasion for leisure time. Whether it be your favorite show, movie, book, game or puzzle - it’s time to enjoy doing something just for fun. 8) Reconnect with your Kitchen: in the daily hustle and bustle, coming up with meals can be stressful but, with some downtime, cooking a new or complicated recipe can actually be relaxing, fun and super rewarding. 9) Move Your Body: if hanging out on your couch (i.e. tip one) isn’t your thing, or if you find your mood has started to match the darkness of the weather, it’s time to get moving! Put on a workout video, do some yoga asanas, or (my personal favorite) have your own awesome dance party. 10) Embrace Mother Nature: summon your inner child, throw on your rain boots and plunge into the outdoors! We have all heard the advice about learning to “dance in the rain” and this your chance! Feel free to add some puddle jumping in there too and have a blast! Whatever your rainy day brings you, I hope you enjoy it!

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