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  • Do you take insurance?
    California Therapist will be taking insurance soon! We are working hard on our insurance credentialing, however, we are not currently contracted with any insurance providers. We can, however, provide a super bill for clients with a PPO and out of network benefits to collect reimbursement directly from the insurance company. We always recommend contacting your insurance provider to understand your financial obligation.
  • Is everything I tell you in our sessions confidential?
    Without a client's written consent, almost all conversations in therapy are confidential. Legally and ethically, a therapist may have to break confidentiality if a client is going to harm them self or someone else, if a child or dependent adult is being abused, or in some rare legal circumstances. Your therapist will review these exceptions with you during your first session.
  • How do I pay for my sessions?
    All sessions automatically charged to your credit card on file on the day of service.
  • Do you ever see clients in person?
    At this time, California Therapist is a solely online therapy provider. We can see clients who reside in any part of California.
  • How do I know if therapy is right for me?
    As therapists, we believe that most (if not all) of us can benefit from a supportive therapeutic relationship. Therapists offer a non-judgmental and safe space for people to explore the challenges we face in our lives. Clients who have a positive relationship with their therapist are most likely to find success so we always recommend you trust your feelings about whether a therapist will be a good fit for your unique needs and personality.
  • How often do I meet with my therapist?
    Typically, clients will meet with their therapist weekly and at the same time and day each week. As clients improve, frequency of sessions may be reduced.

“She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures and doubts,

but because she continued on despite them.” –Beau Taplin

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